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Happy New Year!

For the past few years I have been given and created “themes” for that year, according to the themes in my life at that time.

I started by putting in the #groundwork in 2014-2015. I believed that I had to begin building a strong foundation to build my dreams and goals upon. I was still doing my undergrad at that time and even though I was not always thrilled to hustle to class everyday, I still saw the importance of it and how it was one part to laying down my foundation. I also spent a lot of time writing, researching, and planning out my goals and dreams.

In 2015 I also used the theme “Be light, be Light”, that I found on an old Tumblr post (shout out to Tumblr! Infinite scroll messed me up!). I interpreted this quote as having to remember to stay light of old baggage from my past, not letting things weigh me down, and trying to always find the brighter side of situations (Be light). I also interpreted it as to always try to shine my “Light” in a dark world and especially to those who need it.

Back in 2015, when I was doing my #groundwork.

Then in late 2015, I found out that I was pregnant, which brought up all kinds of emotions (even aside from the pregnancy hormones). So I had to begin the healing process and it took place all throughout 2016 and 2017. My theme for those years was #Don’tForgetToBreathe, because at the time I was in school trying to finish my undergrad at University of North Texas, and I also had a brand new baby girl in early 2016 and trying to get used to motherhood. I had to remind myself to stop, breathe, and tackle all my responsibilities one by one. I was also trying to officially stop smoking cigarettes at the time too, and this theme was a reminder to appreciate breathing rather than smoking my stress away. [In case you were wondering: I began smoking before I had my baby. No, I did not smoke while I was aware that I was pregnant, and I didn’t start smoking right after I had my daughter. I began smoking again after I went back to school when she was about 5 months old. Be sure to be on the look out for a post about how I stopped smoking!]

My theme for 2018 was #Planted. My tagline was, “the past few years didn’t go as I planned it, so this year I want to be #planted”. I went into 2018 with a fresher mindset than previous years and I was very reflective of how the past 8 years of my life transpired. Going into 2018 I was so aware of the mistakes and decisions I made, and I knew that I did not want to repeat idly living with no vision for how the next year was going to go. I was also much more willing to allow Jesus to take the wheel and to steer my life in a different direction- nothing else had worked for me, and it was time to go back to my first love. I was ready for some major life changes to happen. God heard my prayers and major life changes is exactly what I got! I made a list of the those life changes and other works God did in 2018, which you can read on my personal Instagram page, click here! I started 2018 off by wanting to be more grounded in my life, and I ended 2018 by desiring to be #planted in God’s word and in His presence every day! [Sidenote: If you would like an extra word on what it really means to be #planted, then please check out Pastor Mike Todd’s series titled “Planted Not Buried”! Then when you’re done watching, feel free to come back and discuss it with me!]


Twenty nineteen’s theme is “Blossom & Bloom” !


I initially saw a post in my Facebook feed of a screenshot of someone’s tweet and it stated, “Last year I was planted, this year I will bloom”. I was #shook when I saw that post because it articulated exactly how I was feeling with coming into this new year. Last year was a great year for me while I was #planted, and I only want to continue the progress and growth that I made in 2018, into 2019. When I looked up the definition to “bloom”, this is what I got…

I wanted to look up the definition because I wanted to make sure that I was using “bloom” in the right context- remember it never hurts to ask! The last definition was exactly what I had in mind when I thought of myself “blooming” this year. I want to thrive and flourish in a lot of different areas in my life, with God’s help. But then I also noted that “blossom” was a synonym of “bloom”, so I googled the difference of the words, and this is what I found….(you’re welcome for this word play!)


According to this quick Google screenshot, blossom is the first step and bloom is the second step. I really appreciate this breakdown because this explanation is exactly how I equate some areas of my life. In some areas of my life- my walk in Christ, my job, being a mom- I believe I have already begun to blossom from last year, and this year I am ready to fully bloom into my brightest and best! However, in other areas of my life I am just beginning the first step of blossoming, and this year my hope is to continue to grow into a full bloom- with living a healthier lifestyle, doing more #adulting, and with #TheQueenProject! 

I am very excited to see what God has planned for this year, and all of the wonderful things He will do for me, and especially through me. I also am excited to see not only how I will blossom and bloom, but also everyone around me, and YOU too!

Let’s make this year the best one yet, and give it all we got! I am also praying that God continues to show His love, grace, and mercy, just as He always does, for you and I! Here’s to another year, another chapter in the book, and another journey!

— Be Blessed.

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