The Queen Project is not just another lifestyle blog, but rather a project with a mission.

The mission for The Queen Project is to be transparent and open to showing the world a relatable and approachable aesthetic of life. So much of society is “filtered”, therefore The Queen Project is going to be as authentic as possible, in everything it does.

The Queen Project is also going to be inspiring and motivational for women and girls of all ages. To encourage girls and women to go after whatever projects they are called to do, and to persevere to see the completion of those projects.

The Queen Project is also a creative space for people who enjoy anything in life where creativity is required (i.e. collaging, knitting, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, raising children, taking care of someone, building a business, building a home, volunteering, etc.)

The Queen Project will eventually become a growing platform for other young girls and women to showcase how they, themselves are beautiful ‘working projects’; and to also display projects the young girls and women are working on.

The Queen Project will also eventually become a growing network opportunity for girls and women to get together and fellowship and make meaningful connections.

The Queen Project will eventually become a growing influence in the community, by creating an impact through instilling change and through serving others.

Above all of this, The Queen Project will always honor God and be a representative of the love of Christ in everything it does.