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Greetings to a new decade, a new year, a new season, and a new path!

So much has taken place since the last time I published a post to The Queen Project, and if you’re the owner of a cell phone, laptop, and/or a TV, then you can assume at least two or three things I’m referencing… From the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant his daughter, and the Altobelli, Chester, Mauser, and Zobayan families affected by the accident. To most of the world being on a current “social distancing pause”… To America being in the season of electing another president… It’s safe to say that 2020 has started off in a peculiar way…

As I was wrapping up 2019, I was excited to complete one chapter and begin a new one. I was eager to pull out my new planner, start a new reading plan in my Bible app, get back to working out (#worththeweight), and get the ball rolling in 2020! However, I can see that God had other plans. I can now see that God was creating a new path for me, with coming into this new year, new decade, and new season! As we are just finishing up the first quarter of this year, so far I have learned that no matter what the circumstances are, I still have to rejoice in the Lord! Especially if I want to feel God’s peace in uncertain times, when rejoicing isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I also believe that God sent me to remind myself and you to not lose the vision He has given us for this new year, new season, and new paths we are taking…



From Hamlin to Cunningham…

One of the new paths that I am taking this new year is becoming a wife! #ImGettingMarriedYall

In 2015 I met this tall and handsome man in Denton, TX during my undergrad. As cheesy as it may sound I believe it was love, if not “strong like”, at first sight! We instantly hit it off and feelings grew. A year later in 2016 we had a daughter together. Stepping into full on adulthood and parenthood together greatly challenged and changed our relationship. Neither one of us knew what to expect, including from each other. In the first year of our daughter’s life we were just co-parents. However, over time our relationship grew from just co-parents to friends, and as our daughter grew, our relationship grew too. In December 2019, we both knew and could feel that it was time to take the next step. So on New Year’s Day, right after the clock strikes 12ish, Kalon Cunningham asked me to marry him and I said, “Yesssss!!!!”

When I tell y’all how excited and honored I am to be taking this next step with Kalon! I absolutely love and adore my smart, kind, loving, patient, thoughtful, funny, man! He is so dope, he is a great dad, and he truly does take good care of his daughter and me. God has shown us so much incredible grace, favor, and mercy. I know that the love between Kalon and I has to be destined by God because our love is very intentional and I see God at the center of our union, working something together so that He can get all the glory from it! I believe that God has given us the vision for our marriage and we are both eagerly saying yes to it!!!

I am asking for your prayers and your thoughts on our new journey together and our family!

The Cunninghams!




Before 2019 begun everyone was excited about having clear vision for 2020! If there was ever a year to have new resolutions for, it was this year! However, we can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps [Proverbs 16:9]. Life is never promised to always go our way, go according to plan, or be perfect. There will be times when a loved one passes away, changes happen in society, or you may get engaged, but it’s in the difficult, uncertain, and anxious times where our character can get developed and we can trust in God even more.

Honestly, I was reluctant to publish this post this after the pandemic of the coronavirus hit because it allowed us to have a forced pause on everything going on and allowed time to reflect. As I was reevaluating if this post was still appropriate, I felt a heart impression from God saying, “yes, this post is still needed! Remind everyone to keep holding onto their vision- especially if their vision aligns with mine!” Knowing what I know about God, I know that He is not surprised by anything, His plans are much more complex and grand than any of our plans, and I know that God will not leave His children needing or wanting for anything! I have to be honest and say that with everything going on I am definitely concerned, especially for my daughter’s sake. However, I also know that with everything going on, none of it is too big for God! I want to encourage you to #keepworkingonyourprojects !!! Keep the vision that God has given you and keep working on it every day!

 One of the things that I love about God is the fact because of Jesus Christ, we get to have 24/7 access to peace. The more you know and learn about the God of peace, the more you can experience the peace of God! By reading God’s word, staying in prayer, and staying grateful it is possible to praise and rejoice God in the difficult times and still feel His peace that surpasses all understanding! I know things are not perfect right now but I fully believe that God is teeing up some really cool miracles, signs, and wonders for us to witness and for us to remember how great and powerful He is!!!


I hope and pray that you remember your vision for 2020! I hope that you stay motivated and encouraged to keep working on your goals and your vision for 2020- despite the circumstances ! I hope and pray that you align your vision with God’s vision for your life! I also hope and pray that you spend this time of social distancing wisely, and use this time to #keepworkingonyourprojects! Check out this amazing teaching on “The Value of Vision” from Pastor Mike, and let me know what you think of it!

Be Blessed!

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