I have a ‘threenager’!

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I first heard the phrase ‘threenager’ when I was still in school, in my COMM 3010 class at the University of North Texas. My classmate was telling me about her sweet daughter, who was three at the time. My classmate used the term to describe her daughter who acted like a sassy teenager but was really only three years old. The story of my life, now.

I can’t say that Naomi constantly acts like the stereotypical  “angsty teenager who is finishing puberty and finding their identity, by rebelling against authority”- shout out to teenagers, we feel for you.👍🏾 First of all, I do not tolerate that from a three-year-old LOL!  However, Naomi is at this phase of becoming more independent in all that she can do now, and less dependent on Mommy. Now that she is three and as her vocabulary grows with every other word she hears, she is definitely much more vocal about her independence. Every other phrase out of her mouth is, “I can do it!!” (*insert eye roll*). My Mama Queens know what I’m talking about!

Nevertheless, Naomi is such a sweet, rambunctious little girl who knows she can rule the world!

She just got her hair washed and felt fancy!

For Naomi’s first birthday, we had a small cookout and enjoyed the breezy day. For her second birthday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese! This year for her birthday, I knew I did not want to have much to do in regards to planning a party. Therefore, Naomi’s dad and I decided to take her to the Dallas World Aquarium!

“When you realize you’re actually sleepy, but you love your Aunty…”
Dinner with this three-year-old wasn’t that bad 🙏🏾
We have the best family!

Naomi and I have never been to the aquarium, so we were both excited to have an adventure! Her dad, her great-grandmother/ my grandmother, Naomi, and I went on the new adventure to celebrate her birthday! We also went to the aquarium with one set of her Grandparents (Papa and Mama)- who came to Texas from Maryland for her birthday, and of course, her Aunty Nicci came with us (Naomi LOVES her Aunties)!!

Check out this video which chronicles all of her third birthday adventures, surprises, and get to know Naomi 😊…

One of Naomi’s favorite things right now is surprises! So for her birthday this year, I wanted to give her a day full of surprises! Some things she expected for her birthday (like her cake, and her presents), but some she did not expect (like her birthday outfit, her balloons, and going to the aquarium). Her birthday was a day full of love, family, and fun! Almost a month later, and she is still asking me about her birthday and if I have any more surprises for her! I want to personally thank each and every person who played a significant part in making Naomi’s third birthday a special day! Naomi and I have such a strong village and I am so grateful for that!

Naomi in a nutshell…

Naomi is so sweet, sharp as a tack, and nothing misses her. She is also super talkative and loves to sing and dance- I have no idea where she gets that from!😉 She is so friendly- she makes at least five friends everywhere we go! I thought I was friendly, but I am nothing compared to little Naomi!

She loves Barbies! Her love for Barbies makes my heart smile because I LOVED Barbies when I was a little girl! But I still can’t wait until she gets just a little older and we can really play with Barbies together, and when she will appreciate a Barbie doll having two pairs of shoes, and not having one shoe lost and me constantly stepping on Barbie shoes. Naomi also loves anything with a princess on it- of course! (I am raising my little princess to one day be a Queen!) Naomi also loves going shopping and going to “church with the babies” (her words, not mine).


Naomi is a reflection of me! She shows me what I am doing right, and reveals to me what I am doing wrong.

My current challenge as her mother is grooming her into being a ‘big girl’, giving her more responsibility, and trying to make her aware of her actions. Also, what parenthood is currently teaching me is to not get too comfortable or stay in my comfort zone of raising her. Raising a child and teaching them in the way they should go [Proverbs 22:6] can be intimidating, and downright scary. However, I must always remember where my help comes- from my Lord and Savior! [Psalms 121:2] I also have to remember to keep growing with Naomi, to keep challenging her mind, and to help her to continue to bloom and blossom.

#HonestMotherhood says I didn’t fully connect with my baby now three-year-old until she was three months old, when she was much more alert and responsive. At 6 months old, Naomi was so juicy, happy, fun! At 9 months old, she was walking- she became so independent and wouldn’t really snuggle up to me because she had a new found freedom. At one year to two years old, we began communicating and she was starting to put words together. At two to three years old, we are seeing much more of her personality come to life and we are conversing like all the time! But I am so excited to continue to get to know my daughter, and continue to watch her personality come to life! I’m also excited because I’m beginning to see her sense of humor come to life too- we are beginning to have inside jokes! 😄

What this birthday showed me is that my baby is not a baby anymore. I will always miss her being an itty bitty baby who would let me kiss her cheeks all day long. However, I am also very excited to watch her grow, blossom, and bloom into a magnificent young lady, with a heart after God!

Mommy loves you so incredibly much Naomi! You completely changed the trajectory of my life, and for that I am forever grateful to God for you. He saw me fit enough to be your mother, and I promise I will do absolutely everything in my power for you. I am forever praying for you, and promise to always stay sweet and always put God first in everything you do!


–Be Blessed.


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