One Year Later!

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As I was planning out my posts for the rest of the year for TQP, I realized that it has been one year since I first started this project. It has not been one year since I have been publishing posts to this site- that anniversary will be in October. Instead it has been one year since God placed the idea of The Queen Project on my heart- and it has been one year since I decided to be obedient and begin to build this project. I was not planning on making a big post about completing one year with TQP, but God has been so good to this project and to myself that I have to acknowledge the Creator of this creation.

Building TQP has been a journey to say the least. In one short year I have already learned so much, done so much, have so much to do, and have so much more growth to do. I am excited about this journey God has me on, and we are just getting started.

Lessons Learned…

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned this year is the importance of consistency. In the beginning of putting this project together, my (unrealistic) goal was to publish a new post every week. This quickly became an unreasonable goal because I put so much work into one post and I quickly found out that I need much more time to be able to record and edit a video or pictures, write a post, and curate content for social media. I also don’t want to give out so much content so soon, while I am still working out the kinks in this project, narrowing down the focus of TQP, and growing an audience (I obviously want people to keep coming back, read my posts, and be inspired). I would burn out very quickly if I published a new post every week in the beginning. However, I also found out that consistency is important to keep a steady audience (y’all need to know when to come back on a regular basis) and staying consistent helps me to stay in the rhythm of curating, creating, and publishing content.

In 2015, way before I thought about TQP, I was living and going to school in Denton, TX. While I was in Denton studying for my undergrad, I then had the idea to begin a blog or a vlog series, but I just couldn’t figure out what the theme would be and what I would talk about- little did I know God was preparing me for this project. While I lived in Denton, one of my favorite content creators Raven Elyse also lived in Denton, and at the same apartments that I lived in. I ran into her one day and got the opportunity to fangirl a little and ask her, “how did you do it? How did you gain such a large influence and following?” To which she answered, “I just stayed consistent with posting content.” When she told me this, it was so simple. Almost a little too simple. Just stay consistent? However, four years later, now I can see why staying consistent set her apart from some other content creators. Aside from the fact that her personality is very cool and relatable, and she is very creative, she also stayed consistent with her brand and her influence. Creating a consistent helped her brand become what it is today! Creating a consistent rhythm will not only be beneficial for you as the audience- so you all can know when to expect content to drop, but it will also be beneficial for me as I curate and create content for you all.

Another lesson I have learned within this year is how to prioritize TQP into my life, and knowing when to give this project top priority and when it will be the last thing on my to do list. When I first started TQP I was so obsessed with it and wanted to devote all of my time, effort, and energy towards it. My intention was good but making TQP my top priority was not good. As much as I am truly excited about this project and what God can and will do with this project, I can not allow this project to consume me. TQP is one of my life’s mission but I am first a daughter of the King and I must have intentional time with God before anything. I also do not want to create an idol in my heart for The Queen Project. We should never love the gift more than the Giver. The Queen Project also can not come before my daughter- I don’t want to be so busy trying to pour into you all and forget to pour into my own flesh and blood. I had to learn (and in some ways, still learning) that it is okay if I don’t work on TQP every day, or if I am not able to post on an expected day because of my other responsibilities. God is calling me to do so many things and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Trust God Over Everything…

The biggest lesson I have learned this year is how to trust God with The Queen Project and with everything else in my life. It’s easy for anyone to say they “believe in God”, but start asking people, “do you trust in God?” You, my dear reader, how much are you trusting God right now (#HeartCheck)? I heard someone say this to me, and it altered the way I viewed pretty much everything. I had to begin asking myself, do I really trust God with my plans, my time management, the path that I’m on, or even trust Him enough to be still and allow Him to work things out for my good? I found that the more I began including God in everything and trusting Him with everything, the more peace I found and the more I was able to see God’s hand over my life. This journey with The Queen Project is not excluded from trusting in God. Because I do believe that God will do some amazing things with TQP, I also must trust in His plan and let Him direct my path for this project.

Goals For The Next Year…

  • CONSISTENCY! We can start and stop right there. I want to be much more consistent with posting content on this site and on social media. This will help both you and I to be able to interact more in a consistent way.
  • Open up this platform more for other women to showcase what projects they are working on. I’m excited for this one!! I have been keeping a list on incredible women that I know who are working on their projects, and who I would love to interview for TQP!
  • Keep whole heartedly trusting in God’s plan for TQP! As much as I adore putting together content and sharing with you all, I do not want it to hinder my trust and dependency on God. He is the author and curator of this project, not me- I am only a vessel. I pray that I can continue to trust that God will continue to open up doors for me with this project. I also have to trust that if God wants me to do something else, that I will be willing to close this journey and follow Him to another one.
  • Focus on the small victories rather than just sprinting towards the end goal. I can literally visualize what TQP will look like in years to come. However, I can not be so focused on the end goal that I miss the small steps and the lessons learned along the way.- “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” [Phillipians 4:6-7]

I want to thank each and everyone who has supported The Queen Project in every shape, way, or form within this first year. I hope and pray that you have been and will continue to be inspired by what God is doing through The Queen Project! I am so excited to be on this journey with God, and with you. God is so amazing and I know He will do great things with this project. I am so privileged to be able to do what I do with The Queen Project. Here is to another amazing year!


–Be Blessed.

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